anti slip and anti fatigue rubber floor mat application

[ March 30, 2023 ]

The difference of our rubber drainage mat hollow mat utility mat:

1. Rubber kitchen mat with safety bevel edge, size is 2x3ft and 3x5ft,thickness 1/2inch,or 3'x10' in roll,

Sell well in USA,AU,Japan,Asia,Europe,widely use in workshop,kitchen,hotel,door entrance,non slip and anti fatigue,comfortable.

2x3 rubber mat mat

2. Rubber drainage mat with interlocking, size is 3x3ft, thickness 3/8'',1/2'',5/8'',can be interlock into big areas,with interlocking and with yellow edge,some item edge need open mould to do.Sell well in US,Europe,widely use in workshop,kitchen,stable stall,ship deck,door entrance,non slip and anti fatigue.

interlock mat

3.Heavy duty rubber mat,size is 900x1500x20mm,There are horizontal ribs and vertical ribs on the surface,divided the mat into 15 squares, and connectors can be added.Widely use as kichen floor mat,heavy duty mat in USA/Asia. 

heavy duty rubber mat

4.Grass rubber mat,playground rubber mat,deck rubber mat,big size 100x150cm,80x120cm,100x100cm,small size 40x60cm,60x80cm,50x50cm,thickness can be 22mm or 16mm,Can be with plastic connector,surface complex structure with small grooves,back with a lots of small dots to anti slip.widely use as ship deck mat,grass mat keep the grass grow,snow mat,playground rubber mat in Europe,Japan,Asia. 

rubber mat deck

5.Ship deck mat for Korea market, size 500x500x15mm,small size ,easy carry and install,widely use as ship deck mat,anti slip and anti fatigue,in Asia,Korea.

6.Dog bone scraper rubber mat,size 3'x5'x1/2'',durable with bone pattern,and small edge,heavy duty and long use time,can be brown color also, oil proof,grease resistant,widely use as scraper mat,door mat in USA,AU market.

7.UTE/VANS small truck bed floor mat,size 1.2mx1.8m by piece, or 1.83mx10m in roll, 10mm thickness,Unique design for AU UTE/VAN floor mat,by piece or in roll,can be cut use,sell well in AU market,use as VAN/UTE small truck bed mat,anti slip and protect the truck floor. 

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