Rubber Bumper Plate


1. Special Inner Constructions. Dropping Test: Dropping test from 2.2 Meters High Dropping machine,
    Dropping times 60 Minutes: 300 Drops  which equal to 60,000 Drops under regular using. Gap is between 1MM.
2. Dead Bounce: Between from 35MM to 45MM.
3. Smell: 100% Original Rubber, No smell or odorless which affect human body or healthy.
4. Printing: Qualified Printing assure long lasting and looking.
5. IWF Standard: IWF Quality, IWF Standard give you best Olympic feeling.
6. Durometer 90 Shore A: Shore Durometer is one of several measures to test the hardness of a material.
    Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation and total failure (examples of total failure;
    insert coming out, rubber, seperating,plates warping). High durometer readings indicates a high material quality. 

Dynomaster Home Gym Weight Lifting Competition Weight Bumper Plates
Diameter:450mm or customized
Collar Opening:50.4mm or design by customer.
Weight Tolerance:+/- 10 Grams of claimed weight
Color:IWF Blue
Smell or Ordor:NO
Material:Virgin Rubber 100%
Hardness:92 Shore A


Quality ConstructionVersatile workoutsDurometer Rates
Designed with durability and
 a dead bounce in mind, 
Bumpers have stainless steel inserts 
surrounded by quality rubber
For the most part bumper plates 
not only are used with a barbell 
but also you can do exercises with a single bumper plate
 for an effective workout 
such as Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Press, 
Thruster, Deadlift, 
Squat, Push Up, Overhead lunge.
The Shore A durometer rates at 90, 
ensuring a consistent, 
minimal bounce on the drop, 
rarely seen in an economical bumper plate.



By carton then on wooden pallet.


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