Non slip oil proof drainage rubber matting Q&A:

[ June 10, 2022 ]

Non slip oil proof drainage rubber matting Q&A:


Industrial worksites that frequently use non-aggressive fluids onsite know that this can present many challenges. Even though the fluid isn’t capable of doing the type of damage that oils and solvents make, prolonged exposure to it can still damage equipment. Mats are one of the most common items damaged in wet work areas, as water soaks up in the mat due to drainage issues. The ZEERJIA CO is proud to offer Wet Area Modular Antifatigue Matting. This specially-designed anti slip mat can provide comfort and protection at any site where non-aggressive fluids are often present.

What is the Purpose of Wet Area Modular Antifatigue Matting?

Wet Area Modular Antifatigue Matting utilizes a unique construction to hold up well in wet areas. Normal mats can wear down quickly in wet conditions, but this anti slip mat is designed to prevent slipping and improve drainage to keep any work area comfortable and secure. The sturdy construction of these rubber floor mats makes them a great fit at heavy-duty high traffic worksites. Though sturdy, each module is flexible and can be interlocked with another to provide improved coverage.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product can be used at any worksite where water is frequently around. Wet conditions can cause traditional mats to tear or rip, exposing workers to uncomfortable and unsafe conditions. No matter the size of the work site, this unit is a suitable option. Anti fatigue mats are a popular product among health and safety enforcers, as they are both cost effective and easy to install. There are many types of industrial floor mats in our Safety and Security range to suit a variety of working requirements and environments.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can be useful for any factory owner that wants an economical solution for improving their industrial site. Whether it’s just a few tiles to cover a select area next to the hose or multiple rows of tiles to cover entire areas, any manager can improve their worksite by using Wet Area Modular Antifatigue Matting.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

These 16mm modules can be capped off with an optional yellow end piece to provide the complete coverage that any wet industrial area needs. Improve your workplace today with Wet Area Modular Antifatigue Matting!