Rubber threshold ramp mat use in the home for wheelchair or disabled people

[ June 15, 2023 ]

Rubber threshold ramp mat use in the home for wheelchair or disabled people.

some with handle easy to carry.

 The ramp wheelchair ramp, with curved surfaces on both sides, and a smooth appearance.

 It is easy to install and place, convenient to use, and very durable. Because it is smooth on both sides, it can be used from three directions. By placing it in front of the threshold, anyone can push objects through the barrier quickly, which is very convenient. This product has two different widths, 90cm is suitable for ordinary width thresholds, 110cm is for wider doors, and their height ranges between 2.5-15cm. 

Silent anti-skid: The surface of the TRA products is smooth, and the ramp surface has a non-slip groove design, which is highly practical. 

Strong and durable, smooth appearance: This product is generally suitable for placing on a flat ground, suitable for any flat surface, and will not affect the surface. The 100% recycled solid rubber materials make the product itself sturdy and durable, and can withstand unlimited weight. The appearance is smooth and will not cause harm to users.

Easy to use: No installation required, just put it out and use it. 

The product can be placed where it is needed during use. The product itself has a certain weight, so there is no need to worry about product displacement. If you want to fix the product, you can use glue to stick the product in the use position.