Threshold rubber access ramp with handle


Threshold access rubber ramp with handle.

The simplest most affordable solution for homes, at work, shops, professional practices and more!

This threshold ramp available in different sizes, is the most convenient and simplest way to increase access to any area or used as a portable aid. Surprisingly affordable and much cheaper than cement or custom built solutions, our threshold ramp is easily trimmed to fit and meets access and mobility gradient requirements.

1.Reduce tripping hazards

2.Made from slip resistant recycled rubber

3.Quick and easy installation and simply trimmed to fit

4.Meets access and mobility gradient 1:8

5.Available in different sizes (in mm):500x310x100mm.

For safety and convenience:

In the Work Place - Reduce trip hazards, safer movement of goods and allow mobility and disabled access

At Aged Care and Retirement Facilities - Wheel chair, electric scooter and walking frames access

In the Retail Sector - Shopping trolley, delivery trolley, children's prams and disabled mobility access

In motels - Improve movement of wheeled suitcases reducing damage and trips hazards

At home - Protects sliding door tracks and allows easy movement with prams and wheel barrows

For delivery drivers and wheelchair users - Great as a portable aid 



by carton or woven bag or wooden pallet.


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