ZC102 Rubber Cable Protectors


Rubber Cable Protectors mat

Size:  Hole diameter φ 40mm*4m,with 3 holes.

Material: Natural Rubber, SBR,Recycled Rubber

Color: black 

Also can make new mould of your required size.

Model No.SizeWeight +/-0.5kgTechnical Data
ZC001φ20mm*10m/8m one channel18Hardness: 65+/-5 shore A.
ZC002φ40mm*4m  3 channels17.5Density:1.5kg/m3.

Tensile strength: 3-3.5Mpa.

Elongation: 300-350%


This is one of our top selling cable covers with fantastic reviews from both public and private sector buyers. An incredibly robust product, this is a simple solution for protecting cables that are exposed to vehicular traffic.

This external cable cover is one of our Green products, manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. This form of cable management is highly versatile and is able to deal with pressure from vehicles of all weights. The split and snap closure allows easy insertion and removal of cables whilst two additional channels running along the underside provides extra space for more cables without running the risk of tangles or confusion. Popular uses for this particular cover includes in car parks and across roads and footpaths.

What is the Purpose of an External Cable Cover?

The cable cover is an economical way to shield any exposed cables that are placed outdoors. This product is made of rubber that is tough enough to withstand heavy traffic, light vehicles and even mild erosion. Cables that are exposed to the elements, pedestrian traffic, or potentially damaging rodents that may eat through the wires are well-protected by this affordable product. Wire covers can be a cost effective and simple measure to avoid important cables getting damaged.

Available with three channels, each can cover a maximum of three cables without the latter getting entangled with each other. Cables of perimeter CCTV cameras often require protection from external damage, and this external cable protector is best suited to this purpose.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This cover protects cables that are laid outside homes or other buildings from environmental damage. It has been specially made to withstand vehicles, and can resist tremendous loads. This very quality makes it popular for use on roads, across car parks and on pavements. It can also be used temporarily at events and festivals where, left open, cables are prone to just as much damage as anywhere else.

Who Might Use This Product?

It is a must-have for people who set up networks of cables in outdoor environments on permanent or semi-permanent bases. The cable cover also provides perfect protection to CCTV camera wiring that are used in car parks - both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is highly recommended for security and event management companies.

Interesting Facts About Cable Protection

The world's longest electric cable will be the one that is being planned between Iceland and Europe, and will carry geothermal electricity that was recently- and literally - unearthed in Iceland through volcanic activity.




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