safewalk anti fatigue rubber safety mat for wet/oily with drainage holes


Model No.:ZM001

Spec: 2'X3'X1/2'' (609x914x12mm)/ 3'x5'(914x1524mm)

With safety bevel edge,heavy duty.

Common Color:Black,

Rubber Utility Mat

for industrial/commercial/kitchen/workshop use

Also other size available.

Model No.SizeWeight +/-0.5kgCommon package
ZM0012'X3'X1/2'' 609X914X12MM3-3.3kg400pcs/pallet,3600pcs/20'container.
ZM0023'X5'X1/2''7.5-7.8kg220pcs/pallet,1540pcs per 20'container



Why use rubber mat on workshop?

Rubber mats are a great choice for workshop floors because they provide a number of benefits.
They are slip-resistant, which helps to reduce the risk of slips and falls.
They also provide cushioning, which helps to reduce fatigue and improve comfort.
Rubber mats also help to reduce noise levels, which is important in a workshop environment.
Finally, rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for any workshop.

Work areas always have unique construction layouts when compared to other areas. With so many changes in paths and elevation at a given commercial worksite, finding the right mat can be difficult. This is especially true when you consider that mats can be prone to damage from chemicals and wheeled vehicles at a high-traffic worksite. The bevel rubber mat is excited to offer an alternative specifically engineered to provide improved performance in industrial environments. The Rampmat is a high-quality mat which can fit well into any commercial worksite.

What is the Purpose of the Rampmat?

The Rampmat has a unique honeycomb rubber construction that allows it to provide a wide variety of benefits. While the unit is comfortable to stand on and can improve any workstation, it is a very sturdy unit that can handle wheeled traffic like trollies or trucks with ease. The weatherproof design allows it to be placed by doors or docks, and the surface is resistant to slipping. This versatile product has the necessary construction to handle any project an industrial worksite takes on.

Where Can This Product be Used?

Every worksite that wants to grow must have the proper equipment. Factories, construction sites, and trade shops can all benefit from this economical investment in multi-versed protection. Mats of this type can also improve larger businesses that take on a wide variety of different projects. This durable unit can provide years of reliable service.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can prove useful for anyone who wants a versatile tool that will hold up in a variety of conditions. In fast-paced worksites, managers need equipment that can last in the long-term. This durable mat can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

This durable NBR rubber doormat is compliant with Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category 10. The product can be delivered in three to five working days and comes with a one year warranty.




Q What about quality assurance?

A We offer one and half a year warrantee from the time of shipment for medical equipment, for minor problem, we will provide with free spare parts, For serious problem, we will give replacement free of charge. But if the machine is damaged due to rough handling during transportation, we are free from responsibility, but we will help the buyer lodge a claim against the shipping company or Insurance company, thus all the spare parts or expenses should be borne by buyer.

Q safety mat use


Q What is time of delivery?

A Normally we delivered within 40days after confirmation of Order. For small or sample order, please do check with us, if we have ready goods in stock, we can make immediate shipment.

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