ZM004-5 Minor Spill Modular Anti-Fatigue Matting NEW


Model No.:ZM004-5 new one  Minor Spill Modular Anti-Fatigue Matting

Size: 914x914x16mm (3'x3'x5/8'')with interlocking floor mat.

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Model No.SizeWeight+/-0.5kgCommon Package
ZM004-13'X3'X3/8'' 914X914X9.6MM3.3--3.5kg215pcs/pallet,2580pcs/20'container.

With interlocking,can be with yellow border.

Gym floor mattress.


Every work area is built to handle the rugged operations need to complete industrial projects efficiently. However, these areas can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable for workers. Keeping areas comfortable and safe is important, but this can be difficult in areas where spills occur frequently. Fast-paced worksites that utilize non-aggressive fluids may find that they have to replace mats constantly due to damage. The zeerjia co now offers a great anti slip solution for keeping spill-prone areas comfortable and safe. Minor Spill Modular Anti Fatigue Matting can prove valuable at any location regardless of size.

What is the Purpose of Minor Spill Modular Antifatigue Matting?

Rubber floor mats are designed to protect any industrial workplace and its employees from damage and fatigue. This product is a superior choice out of our anti fatigue mats for worksites where non-aggressive fluids are frequently around. The durable design is great for preventing technicians from slipping and reducing fatigue during longer projects. This anti slip mat also speeds up drainage which can protect floors and workstations. With Minor Spill Modular Antifatigue Matting, workplaces of all sizes can improve their conditions.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product is designed to be used in any industrial facility that frequently has wet areas. The matting can hold up under wet conditions and multiple modules can be interlocked to provide as much coverage as necessary. Industrial floor mats are suitable for a variety of environments.

Who Might Use This Product?

Whether you’re a technician who needs a comfortable surface to work on during long-term projects at single stations or a manager who wants to save on replacing mats in spill-prone areas, this mat can prove to be a very good choice. From preventing slipping to assisting in drainage, the unit provides numerous features that make it optimal for any location.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

Each 16mm thick module is flexible and can be interconnected to other mats. Yellow end pieces can also be purchased separately to provide the complete coverage that businesses want.



by wooden pallet


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